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Spring Dinner at the Mansion House, April 2019

The 2019 Spring Dinner was held on 5 April in the Egyptian Hall at the Mansion House and the Company guests included the Master, Registrar, Chief Clerk and Deputy Chief Clerk of the Faculty Office; representatives from our military affiliates, HMS Portland, LXX Squadron RAF and A Company (London Scottish) The London Regiment; the Master Stationer, the Master Musician, the Master Apothecary, the Prime Warden of the Shipwrigjhts, the Master Glover, the Master Solicitor, the Master Marketor and the Acting Master of the Guild of Scriveners of the City of York.

The principal guests were The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress; Alderman and Sheriff Vincent Keaveny and Mrs Amanda Keaveny; the President of the International Union of Notaries (UINL) and the President of the European Affairs Commission (CAE).

The dinner coincided with the annual conference of the UINL and there were representatives from thirty-five other countries among those present. The toast to the guests was given by the Notarial Deputy, Andrew Claudet, and the Upper Warden, Mrs Valerie Hamilton. The Master, Edward Gardiner, presided.

Quill Pen Reception for the Sheriffs, Feb 2020

Quill Pen Lunch at the Mansion House, Nov 2018

The Quill Pen Reception for the Sheriffs took place at the Old Bailey in The Lower Grand Hall on Tuesday 25 February 2020. The Master presented the Sheriffs with the quill pens with which they signed themselves into office, along with Scriveners' fountain pens, and added a donation to the Sheriffs' and Recorder's Fund.

Prizes were presented to the winners and runners-up in the annual Karen Nehammer Handwriting Competition for Schools, which had attracted a record 596 entries from five schools associated with the City.

Finally, the Peter Esselmont prize for Calligraphy was awarded to Attilio Medda for his truly breathtaking work.

The annual Quill Pen Lunch was held in the Old Ballroom at the Mansion House on 29 November 2018. The Master presented the Rt Hon the Lord Mayor with the quill pen which he used to sign himself into office at the Silent Ceremony, along with a donation to the Lord Mayor's Appeal. The Master also presented the Lady Mayoress with a Scriveners' fountain pen. Among those present were the Master Needlemaker, Mr Anthony de Lacey, and the Mistress Turner, Mrs Lesley Batchelor, both guests of the Upper Warden, Mrs Valerie Hamilton.

New Wardens at Tallow Chandlers', July 2019

Barry Theobald-Hicks (left) and Prof Mark Watson-Gandy (right) were elected and installed as Upper Warden and Renter Warden, respectively, at the Election Court on 18 July 2019 at Tallow Chandlers' Hall.

At the same meeting, two Apprentices, Capt. Julian von Nehammer and Sophie Nehammer, the son and daughter of our late Liveryman, Karen Nehammer, were installed as Freemen, and Alexander Plowman, son of Liveryman Stephen Plowman, was enrolled as an Apprentice.

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