Quill Pen Reception and Recital at St Lawrence Jewry

Our Quill Pen Reception for the Sheriffs was expanded in this anniversary year to include Masters, Past Masters and Clerks of 44 other livery companies (tallying neatly with our number in the order of precedence) as well as other guests and prizewinners. The event took place at the Guild Church of St Lawrence Jewry on 28 February 2017. The Master presented the quill pens to the Sheriffs with which they had signed themselves into office, as well as prizes to the winners and runners-up in the Karen Nehammer Handwriting Competition for Schools and the winner (Janet Harper) and runner-up (Lizzie Matthews) in the Peter Esslemont Prize for Calligraphy and Illumination. The Sheriffs were also presented with Scriveners' fountain pens and a donation to the Sheriffs' and Recorder's Fund.

A performance of Mozart's Exsultate, Jubilate by Catherine Ennis (organ) and Emily Owen (soprano) followed the presentations, and that in turn was followed by a performance of the Skryveners' medieval mystery play, The Incredulity of St Thomas, given by members of the Company: Court Assistants John Hammond and Jonathan Coutts, Liverymen Graeme Harrower and Denis Moriarty and Past Master Giles Cole. It was introduced by former Hon Chaplain and former Dean of Lincoln Cathedral, the Very Revd Dr Philip Buckler.

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